Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Band Concert & Drama Productions

 The first Drama production saw Santa pushing the elves too hard, resulting in a strike.

 Santa is pondering what to do next.  Would Christmas really be cancelled?
 In the second production the setting is a bus stop and one cheerful girl seems to want to share the joy of Christmas,  while other aren't really interested.
 The number of patrons waiting for the bus grows, but the message about the joy of Christmas continues to be shared.
 Decorating a Christmas tree with ornaments results in wishes being made and wishes answered. The true meaning of the joy of Christmas becomes a reality for the bus patrons.
 The Senior Concert Band perform one of several tunes.
 The combined Senior Concert Band and the Grade 8 Band end the night with a Christmas medley.

The Grade 8 Band did a great job! Well done.

Thanks to Mr. McCallum and Mr. Kellough for the excellent work in getting our students prepared for their performances.  Great job by all of our students! You made your parents and teachers proud.  Bravo!!!!

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