Friday, December 12, 2014

Leadership & Dancing

 Maureen McBeath, of Toastmasters, has been working with our Leadership class on oral presentations. She shared that a good speech is like a Grandpa Burger--the top is the introduction, the 3 burgers are the body of the speech with the condiments representing juicy facts, and the bottom of the bun is the conclusion.

 The Leadership class is working on project day today-- they are making posters for next week's events.

 The PE Dance Unit is a big hit; even line dancing is seen as a fun activity.

There are various themes in the PE Dance Unit-- today is Canada Day!

It has been a busy week....I am sure that next week will be just as busy.

Monday is Red & Green Day, Tuesday we have Secret Santa, Wednesday is Pictures with Santa, Thursday is Festive Sweater Day and Friday we have our Pancake Breakfast & our Annual Talent Show.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. H

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